Adding the CCM directory to the PATH variable via ConfigMgr DCM

How to add the CCM directory to the PATH variable to make it easier to run CMTrace

July 7, 2023 · AJ

Managing the Registry Settings for CVE-2023-32019 (KB5028407)

How to configure the necessary registry settings for CVE-2023-32019 - KB5028407 via PowerShell, ConfigMgr DCM, and Intune

June 14, 2023 · AJ

Modifying Client Settings Priorities With PowerShell

How to easily modify ConfigMgr Client Settings priorities with PowerShell

December 7, 2022 · AJ

Removing Desktop Analytics from your ConfigMgr Site

How to remove Desktop Analytics and clean up everything left behind

November 23, 2022 · AJ

Enabling Configuration Baselines for Co-managed Clients

How to quickly enable all of your configuration baselines to run on co-managed devices

November 21, 2022 · AJ

Testing ConfigMgr HTTPS Management Points

How to test ConfigMgr HTTPS Management Points using PowerShell

November 15, 2022 · AJ

Finding AD Accounts Explicitly Configured To Use RC4 Kerberos

Tracking down AD account configured to use only RC4 Kerberos encryption with PowerShell

November 13, 2022 · AJ

How to Upgrade ConfigMgr via PowerShell

How to upgrade a ConfigMgr site using the least amount of PowerShell as possible!

September 7, 2021 · AJ