Anthony J. Fontanez


An enthusiastic and highly skilled IT professional in the Microsoft ecosystem, with excellent technical abilities and communication skills. Highly experienced in managing client and server operating systems via Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager, Active Directory/Group Policy, and PowerShell. Moderately experienced with Azure Active Directory and Intune.


System Administrator

Rochester Institute of Technology

2012-09 - 2020-04

  • Managed ~5,000 Windows client endpoints and ~300 Windows server endpoints across 1 main campus, and 2 remote campuses, via Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manger (ConfigMgr).
  • Maintained ~800 applications within ConfigMgr, including automating packaging and deployment of new applications, and updates to existing applications.
  • Maintained the OSD process, including dynamically installing applications depending on department, and maintaining base images with updates to decrease OSD runtime.
  • Maintained client endpoint AD/GPO structure across 2 forests and 3 domains, including baseline policies, firewall/IPSec policies, and security policies.
  • Utilized Advanced Group Policy Management (AGPM) to control GPOs and maintain a change history.
  • Utilized PowerShell and GitLab to source control and automate updating various configurations.
  • Worked with external IT groups that utilized central IT resources to provide assistance and new features.
  • Managed multiple Windows file servers containing ~50 TB of data across ~1,200 shares, as well has home directory shares, and Work Folders.
  • Managed multiple Windows print servers, totaling ~350 print queues, along with multiple PaperCut installations, totaling ~1,000,000+ pages per month.
  • Managed a project to migrate ~900 clients and ~15 servers from a legacy AD forest/domain to a new AD forest/domain, including building out new AD/GPO structures, a newer, more secure baseline, new ConfigMgr collections and deployments, and migrating user profiles between domains using PowerShell scripts and User State Migration Tool (USMT).
  • Managed ConfigMgr site upgrades from 2012 R2 to Current Branch versions up to 1910, including building/documenting an upgrade, testing, and verification process.
  • Maintained a Remote Desktop Services (RDS) infrastructure utilized by ~100 users to provide various Windows-based applications to macOS/BYOD users.
  • Assisted with implementing IPSec within the Windows Firewall across all services, in order to increase security of applications.
  • Assisted with a project to implement certificate-based authentication with IPSec to make Domain Controllers available from remote clients, along with making other various services/applications internet-facing, to eliminate the need for a traditional VPN.


Rochester Institute of Technology

BS, Applied Networking & System Administration

2006 - 2012

  • Completed 152 credits towards a BS in Applied Networking & Systems Administration


  • ITIL Foundation - 2019-06-11


  • Microsoft Endpoint Manager (MEM)
    • Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager (ConfigMgr)
    • Microsoft Intune
  • Active Directory/Group Policy
  • PowerShell
  • Windows Firewall/IPSec
  • File/Print Services
  • Remote Desktop Services

Personal Development

  • Admin team member of the Windows Admins Discord community (
    • Founded in July 2015, ~6,500 members.
    • Help manage the community’s Twitter account, GitHub organization, and website.
    • Assist in future planning for the community.
  • Homelab
    • Manage/maintain a small homelab consisting of Active Directory, ConfigMgr, Azure AD, and Intune in order to stay current with new technologies.
  • Blog (
    • Manage my own blog running on WordPress in DigitalOcean, writing about things I’ve worked with in the past.

last updated 2021-10-12