1. Download current Patch My PC installer ( as of 2021-09-01)
  2. Install Patch My PC
    • msiexec.exe /i PatchMyPC-Publishing-Service.msi /qb
  3. Create folder for content
    • New-Item -Path 'F:\' -Name "PMPC" -ItemType Directory | Out-Null
  4. Configure Patch My PC
    • Enable “Limited trial mode”
    • Enable preview builds
    • Update to latest preview build ( as of 2021-09-01)
    • Enable creation of ConfigMgr apps
    • Configure SMS Provider connection
    • Set source folder to F:\PMPC
    • Enable “Do not include the version name in the application name”
    • Enable “Trigger software update point sync when new third party updates are published”
    • Enable updates and ConfigMgr app for Firefox x64
    • Run publisher sync