I’m AJ, an IT professional in the Microsoft space for over ten years. I’m originally from South Shore region of Massachusetts, and currently reside in the Rochester, New York area.

I mostly work with ConfigMgr, Intune, Active Directory, and Azure AD. I’m currently a ConfigMgr Customer Engineer for Microsoft as a vendor, and formally a systems administrator/engineer for a university.

I’m also one of the admins of the WinAdmins Community on Discord.

My main tech interests include endpoint management, AuthN/AuthZ, and security/infosec. Ask me about deploying internet-accessible domain controllers!

In my free time, I enjoy learning and helping others with tech-related stuff on various social media platforms, tinkering in my homelab, and writing the occasional technical blog post about stuff I do or find interesting. Beyond that, a bit of gaming to fry the last few remaining brain cells for the day.

Feel free to hit me up any time if you’ve got a question or comment about something I’ve posted or shared, feedback is always welcome! You can usually find me in most places on the internet using the handle ajf8729, or via the following links:

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